How Big a Problem Are Pesticides in Wild Bird Seed?

One of the nice Bird+Seed%2C+Pesticides Wild Bird Seed and Pesticidesthings one can do for the birds and something that adds beauty to our surroundings -and is a great Home Garden Idea, is to feed the birds around our house.

It has been widely suspected that producers of wild bird seed weren’t able to provide a product without potentially lethal levels of pesticides.  A study recently reported on by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has shown that it is safe.  The study was undertaken by the ABC because of occasional reports of contaminated seed and the wish identify the problem or dispel the suspicions.

The ABC is a not-for-profit organization that promotes native bird conservation as well as their habitats. The testing hadn’t been done before and has shown that commercially available bird seed from a variety of suppliers contained levels of pesticides too low to be of concern or, were free of pesticides altogether.  

Some of the most common seeds were tested from four suppliers -the big box stores Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Lowe’s from all across the country.

The ABC was able to conclude that the producers of wild bird seed were doing a good job of supplying a safe product, free of pesticides. As funding becomes available, the ABC intends to follow-up from time-to-time to ensure people can have peace of mind when helping birds around their Home and Garden by feeding them and are not unintentionally harming them.

For more information about the ABC’s study, click on this link: Wild Bird Seed and Pesticides or the Conservationist Magazine link, which also reported on the Pesticide and Bird Seed Study.  The Conservationist is published by the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

You may also like the discussion on the magnitude of the pollution and toxins issue and the danger it poses -not only to birds, but to all life on this planet.  Of the approximately five (5) Billion lbs. of pesticides applied to crops each year, 20% are used in the U.S.  Should you be concerned?

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The video (below) is of birds at a feeder in slow motion.  

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