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2 thoughts on “Use of Testimonials”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for the 2 part video on catching house mice on you tube. Your video was very informative and helpful.

    We have been catching mice in our house for the past month or so. Heard scratching in the ceiling first. Went up to the attic and saw mouse trails along the top of the loose insulation. Set various types of traps: poison canary seed boxes, open ended poison cube in plastic cylinder (useless), snap traps (victor for victory!), and those little grey trap door boxes (pretty good but what do you do with the live mouse???).

    First mouse was caught in the live trap in the attic. It was dead in the trap so I think it had eaten some of the poison first. The following week I checked the ceiling I found an empty box of the canary seed but don’t know where the mouse/mice went. From now on, I’m using the victor snap traps. We have caught 3 mice so far in the snap traps. Catching them in the basement too! I put peanut butter under the tab to force them to work it. Thanks again for the video! It was very encouraging and informative on how best to proceed.


    Mike and Lynne

    1. Hi Mike and Lynne –

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and watch the videos.
      I had fun making them.

      There is an article that goes with them here: Easiest Way to Get Rid of Mice. It might fill in a couple of blanks that weren’t in the videos. My weapon of choice is there.

      I think the bottom line with mice is -you have to keep after them. Once they breed, they multiply exponentially.

      Good luck with all that.
      Thanks again for the note.

      Dave C

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