Boomers: The New Senior Citizens

The Boomers

It was eight years ago that JoAnne and I became aware of the relationship between nutrition and good health.  Boomers: The New Senior CitizensThe discovery was timely because we had realized, at age 54, that we had aged, had thus far been fortunate enough to be in good health, physically fit  and without any medications.  We were interested in extending that trend over the next, say, 30 years.  We didn’t want to be ‘taken care of’, or have to rely on others.  We want to be able to get around on our own.  The alternative is a drastic lifestyle change –the loss of independence and reliance on others.


At age 54, we realized, suddenly, that we were both at the age, where, how well you take care of yourself starts to show –or, may already be showing.  We were at the beginning stages of being interested in nutrition when that ‘light bulb’ turned on, so to speak.  We were introduced to a new ‘whole food’ supplement by an acquaintance and have been using them ever since.

It has been an educational experience –a real eye opener for us.  I personally feel that my level of nutrition is in some way balancing the books for some past indiscretions in terms of damage control.  (I’m referring to my misspent youth).  I think we have a handle on it.  If our blood chemistry can be used as a barometer, we’re on track.  Everything is within the parameters and we’re not on any medications.  Which contrasts with many people I know of the same age, or even younger.


We wish to address topics on this blog that could be of some use to some of our friends ’50 and over,’ some of whom are aging faster than we are.  We’d like to cover topics that might dovetail well with the ‘Home and Garden‘ theme -such as, improvements to the house to make it more user friendly for folks who don’t get around that well anymore.  Or, topics that reduce the level of maintenance around the home -since many can’t keep up with it as well as they did when they were forty.

An example would be installing heat tracing (cable) to the roof to avoid ice jams that could back up into the house in the winter time.  For years, I have been dutifully raking the edge of the roof back a couple of feet (we have a one story house) to avoid the ice jams.  It’s not that difficult except there’s a section I can’t reach very well.  I think heat tracing is in order to automate that process.  Since I am now closer to eighty than I am to forty,  I am all about reducing or automating the workload around this place.    It won’t get any easier.  We are the next class of geriatrics.


The link between good health and aging, good nutrition and physical fitness has been established.  If you have your health, you are able to maintain the lifestyle to which you’ve been long accustomed -that of independent living.  It allows you to ‘age in place’ if you so desire.  Having Options is a good thing.

Or, conversely, if you have allowed the good health you enjoyed in your early years to slip through your fingers, you may have few options going forward.  If you find yourself in that boat, the good news is -some damage is reversible.  Or, manageable.

Follow along as we explore some topics revolving around maintaining or recapturing our health (if it’s not too far gone).  We’ll also explore some ideas to make life around the shanty a little less stressful as we attempt the ‘aging in place’ experiment.  The goal, as we see it is to maintain our elderly independent living.  Consider this one of your Senior Resources.

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