If you’re like me, a Joe Home and Garden Do-it-Yourself kind of guy, you want to retain as much of your hard earned cash as possible.  That, for me, precludes the use of products marketed for lawn care.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed -they aren’t exactly giving the stuff away.  To use it as recommended, you might need to get a part-time job to pay for it.  In any event, there is always somewhere else for your money to go.

If you’re not buying lawn maintenance products, you’re other option is to go organic.  You can improve the health of the soil with organic compost and take steps to loosen the soil

Lawn aerating is an important part of an organic lawn program.  It entails using a device (manual or mechanical) to drive spike or hollow tubes into the soil.  No need to do it every year.  Do it on the front end of an organic project -especially if the lawn was under the care of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Punching holes in the soil is the fastest way to get the process of healthy soil under way.  Aerating a lawn allows oxygen to circulate which stimulates the the biological activity in the soil.  It stimulate the beneficial micro-organisms -the fungi, bacteria and all the other life that’s in the soil but may be dormant.  Aerating brings them to life and starts their activity.  Aerate to stimulate earthworms and underground insects.  They, in turn, will help to aerate the soil.

Before using a mechanical aerator, mark all the valve covers and sprinkler heads and other utility items, if applicable,  as an aerator will do damage to them.

When operating an aeration machine go across the yard at different angles with each pass.  Do about three passes to get the soil really aerated.  The lawn will look torn up but it won’t hurt the lawn.  It will respond quickly.  Motor driven aerators can be rented by the homeowner at many rental outlets, if he / she feels up to the task.   Or, a professional outfit can be found to do that, as well as to provide other garden ideas.

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