JoAnne was inspecting a small lilac bush in our backyard today.  The hummingbirds have left for the season and we noticed all summer they seemed to be hanging around that bush.  JoAnne thought she might be able to find a nest left behind that was used this year.
snakes1 Garden Snakes in a Bush
She discovered what at first looked like it might be a nest and moved around to the other side of the bush to have a closer look.  What she found was not a nest.  It was a common Garter Snake (I think it’s a Garter) almost in a knot about four feet from the ground in the bush.

I came out with the camera to snap a few pictures of a Garter Snake.  We had never heard of garden snakes in bushes before.  When we got the photos downloaded we discovered we were looking at images of not one, but two garter snakes wrapped up with each other.

The temperature at the time was about 70 degrees and overcast, not long before dusk.  It was rather dark inside the bush where they were hanging out.

Has anyone ever seen such a thing?  I might think they were trying to keep warm, but it wasn’t chilly out, although it dipped to 62 last night and probably will again.  Wouldn’t it be warmer on the ground?

Look closely -you will see two heads looking back at you.

Quite likely, it was warmer in the bush than on the ground. The sun hadn’t shown much lately and it has been rainy and wet.  Today was relatively warm for this time of year, here in east central New York State.

More information:

About Garter Snakes

According to this article, what we saw is not uncommon: Climbing Garter Snakes

snakes2 Garden Snakes in a BushIn the photo below, if you look closely, there are two sets of snake eyes on me as I snapped the image.  I didn’t realize there were two sets at the time, but they were getting pretty edgy, as the camera flashed them about seven times.  About an hour later, I came by the bush with the lawnmower and that made them nervous, too.  I noticed they began to move about the bush.  I didn’t linger there and JoAnne noticed they were still in the bush a little while later, just before dusk.

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