The TacomaDome is the worlds largest wooden freestanding structure.  According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, enough people suffer eye injuries every month to fill the TacomaDome beyond its seating capacity.  (30,500/mo.)  What is startling is that 90% of those injuries could have been prevented by using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) -namely ANSI approved safety glasses (according to the US Dept. of Labor).

Our eyes are the most fragile organ in our body.  There are dozens of hazards in the workplace -which includes work we do at home and in our gardens. The hazards include:

  • sparks
  • chemicals
  • flying particles
  • splinters in the eye

Normal eyeglasses are not enough.  Nail guns and staplers will shatter normal eyeglasses.  Normal eyeglasses add to the hazard by shattering when hit by an object.  ANSI Z87 is the stamp that must be on the glasses.  Do not gamble with cheap look-alike glasses that will not offer adequate protection.  Also, proper safety glasses will always have side shields.  All ANSI Z87 safety glasses will protect from nail guns, staplers, etc. at point blank range.

Impressive, isn’t it?  Equally impressive is the fact that ANSI Z87 glasses often cost less than $7.00.  Seven dollars for something that will protect our eyes from a 16 penny nail fired at close range.

It is important to choose the appropriate eye protection for the task.  Welding, handling chemicals, using grinders or a lathe requires more appropriate eye protection.  Working in a dusty area or where there is a high concentration of airborne particulates would require the use of a Safety Goggle.  For the majority of work simple ANSI approved safety glasses will protect your very precious, very vulnerable eyesight.

There is no substitute for practicing safety at all times.  Eye injuries are about more than some temporary pain, medical bills, days off from work and lost pay.  it’s about people losing all or part of their ability to enjoy the beauty we are surrounded by and often take for granted.

Today there are many choices when it comes to safety glasses.  Available are Prescription Safety Glasses,   Prescription Safety Sunglasses, Safety Bifocals, Safety Reading Glasses, over the glasses safety glasses and even Prescription Safety Goggles.

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