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The ‘Saw Stop’ Saw

01 The Saw Stop Saw

Table saw injuries cause more than 40,000 emergency room visits and 4,000 amputations each year in the U.S according to one source. Steve Gass is the inventor of Saw-Stop, a mechanical safety braking system technology that seems to reduce virtually all the injuries associated with table saws.

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Fire Safety Risk

 Fire Safety Risk

Although smoke alarms can alert residents to a home fire, they cannot extinguish a fire. Fire sprinkler systems can.

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Chainsaw Safety

011 Chainsaw Safety

After a thunderstorm, or a natural disaster like a tornado, hurricane or flood, there is often the need to clear debris away from homes and property. This discussion centers around the homeowner who might find himself using a chainsaw for the first time -or who may only seldom use a chainsaw. Understanding proper safety features of the machine, proper technique, and the safety gear (PPE) available for protection is paramount in preventing serious injury or death and becoming more productive.

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Eye Protection

09 Eye Protection

There are dozens of hazards to our eyes in the workplace -which includes work we do at home and in our gardens. Normal eyeglasses are not enough. Normal eyeglasses add to the hazard by shattering when hit by an object.

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