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What are Double Pane Windows?

05 What are Double Pane Windows?

And, how do you tell the difference?? When we moved into our present house, we wondered what improvements might be needed to make the building more energy efficient. I was shown a simple method to tell if a window is double glazing unit or just a single pane unit

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How To Mix Mortar

010 How To Mix Mortar

For most home projects, Ready Mix is the way to go. Simply dump the bag in a wheelbarrow, add a little water and mix away. Always add water sparingly. Start out with a stiff mix and add a just a little water at a time to reach the desired consistency.

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Chimney Repair

07 Chimney Repair

Tuckpointing (or, Tuck Pointing) has historical significance in England but for all practical purposes, in the U.S. today, tuckpointing is the term used for repairing / restoring the loose mortar in a brick structure. The term is interchangeable with ‘pointing’ -as in ‘pointing up’ a chimney or other brick structure (like a wall, for example).

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