Boomers and Health Decline


Among healthy snack ideas, I think the best one is to quit snacking. 

Boomers and Health Decline: Cancer, Heart Disease, Snacking
Marlene snacks all the time.

Thirty years ago, we seldom snacked between meals.  I don’t think that we’ll die of starvation if we don’t continually stuff food in our mouths.

It has become a national pastime.  The root cause probably has something to do with the food science wizards and the ‘Big Industrial Food Complex’ constantly marketing a vast array of (seemingly irresistible) food-like substances.  Look around at your overweight friends.  Odds are they didn’t get that way by eating fresh fruits and vegetables from their organic garden.


Baby Boomers and Health Decline

A recent report states that Baby Boomers count among their biggest worries the prospect of contracting some form of cancer.  Many observers, including the boomer who is writing this, wonder why they’re not worried about heart disease and diabetes.

The Baby Boomer Generation is the heaviest and unhealthiest in history.  Surveys have shown that, as a group, most boomers do not get enough exercise, generally, to ward of heart disease.  Some educated people on the topic will tell you that exercise alone, as important as it is, is not the cure for our overweight and obese brethren.

The nation is (or should be) bracing itself for an onslaught of Medicare costs as the aging Boomer Generation begins its decline.  The oldest among them is 65 years old this year.  Over 10,000 turn 65 every day and will continue to do so for another 18 years.  Obesity — with its related heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis — will cause those costs to skyrocket.

Another cause concern voiced by Boomers is loss of memory or Alzheimer’s.  Some recommend crossword puzzles and the like to keep the brain active.  Fish oil pills are said to improve brain function.  More aptly, they counteract the ravaging affects of Omega 6 oils that we all get far too much of as part of our ‘Western Diet.’

Another way of keeping the mind sharp is the challenge of taking on something we know little about, such as a Home Improvement Project, for those not initiated.  Or, developing a website, as yours truly is attempting, with little prior knowledge.  The benefits of keeping one’s mind engaged and challenged is pretty well documented as a defense against the Boomers’ Health Decline -which some might characterize as a pandemic waiting to happen.

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One thought on “Boomers and Health Decline”

  1. Both myself and my wife are boomers. We have both had to come to term with health issues.

    Jenny had cancer that was discovered early enough so she didn’t have to go through too much tramma and I had my first heart attack in 2004.

    Life can sure change fast.

    Jenny has always been conscious about what she eats and has helped me to stay alive by feeding me the right things.

    We even have a healthy vegetable garden on the go for fresh produce, without pesticides.

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