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Stirring Paint for Best Results
Stirring Paint Well It may seem elementary to some.  If you've never done any painting, you might want to know how to stir a can of paint and know you're doing it correctly. All the heavier substances in a paint can (and other protective coatings) settle to the bottom -same as cream rises to the top of a quart of milk.  (I just realized the younger generation may not have experienced that). [...]
Asbestos Removal
How to Successfully Remove Asbestos It is extremely important to remove asbestos with very particular procedures in place. When asbestos is being removed, the particles become airborne and stay that way for a long time –and, are quite dangerous to the lungs.  The stringent procedures are designed to minimize the airborne particulate, thereby protecting the workers and the public at large.  For [...]
How to Bait a Lobster Trap
A lobster trap must be checked often for live lobsters.  If left unattended for too long, they die and another crawls in to eat it.  That one could eventually die of starvation and another would be attracted and come in to dine on him.   That cycle is broken in modern traps by a plate covered opening.  The cover plate is held in place with ties that deteriorate after awhile that allow the cover [...]
Getting Rid of Mice
Mouse Traps and Getting Rid of Mice I'll Live Inside. You Live Outside, Thank You.   Photo: Flickr, Sarah Fleming. Lic. info: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en It's quite unlikely you will ever keep mice from entering a building. There are steps you can take to stem the tide, however, most of which are common sense. Beyond this, how mice get into your house is anybody’s [...]
How to Grow Tomatoes
How to Grow Tomatoes A Couple of Tomato Planting Tips from a Lady who Died about 50 Years Ago I was first shown how to plant tomatoes when I was about 10 or 11 years old by a elderly neighbor lady.    She let me use a small part of her garden and asked that I help her prepare the soil, carry the bucket of water, etc.  We planted her tomatoes and then mine nearby, on the other side of the garden [...]
Vegetable Gardening for Beginners
 Vegetable Gardening for Beginners If you are seeking some pointers for setting up a vegetable garden, here are some rudimentary things that you might want to consider.  There are probably other questions that will pop up. This will get you started and you will most certainly learn as you go.  I might add that one of the best things one can do for a child that he or she will carry with them [...]
Easiest Way to Get Rid of Mice
Author's Note: This post includes two videos, Parts One and Two. If pressed for time, you are encouraged to bookmark the page and come back to finish this comprehensive article. Mice Infestations: Regaining Control Here in the Great Northeast (U.S.), it seems to happen at the end of every summer –when it starts to get cold at night and especially when the temps dip below freezing.  We can always [...]
Wild Bird Seed and Pesticides
How Big a Problem Are Pesticides in Wild Bird Seed? One of the nice things one can do for the birds and something that adds beauty to our surroundings -and is a great Home Garden Idea, is to feed the birds around our house. It has been widely suspected that producers of wild bird seed weren't able to provide a product without potentially lethal levels of pesticides.  A study recently reported [...]
Pumpkins and Squirrels
Squirrels and Pumpkins After October and Halloween, we usually place the pumpkins we used to decorate the porch and yard -off to the side in the woods adjacent to the house and garden.  And, every year, the squirrels will eventually chew their way into them looking for seeds  -or, to eat the pumpkin.  Not sure which they like most. It is, apparently, not their favorite food because they don't [...]
Ten Point Home Maintenance Checklist
  The items on this checklist are things you can do yourself. Deferred maintenance is very expensive in the long run because the damages and repairs required might not be something you are equipped to do yourself. For example, if a slow leak develops in the drain under the kitchen sink or your dishwasher door gasket is leaking, if the leak is not detected, the damage could be very labor [...]
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